Providing Your Client With The Necessary Information Part One: uPVC

When Quality and High Thermal Efficiency is vital uPVC remains one of the more costeffective materials. Most who have compared the price of uPVC to some of the other options in South Africa are likely to disagree, but this is exactly why it is important to ensure the client is properly informed. The client is must be made aware of differences in these products and why it is important to consider these differences before making a decision. Clients must be made to understand why it is important to use qualified installers rather than the so called “Bakkie Brigade” and why Energy efficacy is and keeps getting more important.

Importance of Quality

There are many UPVC products out there, but it is important for the client to understand that not all uPVC products are manufactured to the same standards and since the cost of replacing windows consists of more than just the cost of the frames themselves, installation costs along with glazing cost have to be taken into account, since glazing cannot always be reused it really is very important to get it right the first time.

Photo and Thermal degradation

It is important to select a product that has been designed for warmer climates with a higher resistance to UV rays. A product not suited for the local climate will eventually turn yellow. Though some say there are steps which may with great effort return the finish to its former colour the chemical reaction behind the discolouration will ultimately lead to structural failure.