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M2 is a solvent-borne water repelling penetrating wood oil sealer. The product has been formulated specifically for application on low to medium density hardwoods, Although the product can also be applied to high-density wooden surfaces.

Application: Brush, Spray or Dip
Spread Rate: Approximately 10-12m²

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New Timber:

  1. All sides of the timber must be covered with the first and second coat, preferably before installation.
  2. At least 24 hours of drying must be allowed between application of coats. (The application of three coats is strongly recommended)
  3. Drying time may be extended if:
    • Excessive quantities of the product are applied.
    • During cold weather or periods with high humidity.

Painted or Varnished Timber:

All previous coatings should be removed with a suitable paint stripper and the surface adequately sanded. Product should then
be applied as per New Timber Above

Weathered Timber:

The Surface should be clean dry and have been adequately sanded, product should then be as per New Timber above

Maintenance Coats:

Further coats of the product must be applied when the timber applies faded or dry, surfaces should be inspected at least once a
month after being properly cleaned.

Please Note: Exposure to direct sunlight may cause the release of sap along with extreme thermal stress, it is thus recommended to shield all
timber products from directs exposure to the elements. Reduced coating lifespan may occur around swimming pools.


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