Grit Guide

  • P80 – Starting Grit For Hardwood, Use For Newly Joined Products
  • P100 – Starting Grit For Re-sanding, Use To Strip Previous Finishes
  • P120 – Preparation Grit, Use To Prep Surfaces and level, Start Oiling or Priming
  • P150 – Surface Preparation Grit, Between Coats
  • P180 – Finishing Grit (Textured Finish), Use to Achieve Desired Texture Before Final Coat
  • P220 – Post Primer or Staining (Smooth Finish), Use To Remove Grain Texture from Surface Between Coats
  • P320 – Between Coats (Smooth Finish), Use To Remove imperfections from top Coats
  • P360 – Finishing Grit (Smooth Finish), Use Before Final Coat
  • P400 – Polishing Grit (Oiled Surfaces), Use To Remove Fine Surface Scratches
  • P600 – Polishing Grit (Painted Surfaces), Use To Remove Fine Surface Scratches

Use the correct grit to ensure effective finish penetration. EG: A glass finish to early on will restrict penetration.

120 Grit on Delivery

Before leaving the KPJ factory all hardwood products are finished with a 120 Grit Sandpaper. This is done to ensure the least amount of prepping before applying a treatment , while maximising absorption and minimising the amount of sanding required after the treatment has been applied. Oiling and painting require a slightly different process to completion. Refer to Grit Guide

Sanding Tips

  • Sand with the direction of the grain NOT across the grain
  • An orbital sander will ensure the best finish
  • Sand the whole surface area evenly. This is especially critical on larger surfaces because an unevenly sanded surface will result in colour differences across the surface
  • Avoid handling the surface after sanding is complete
  • All dust should be wiped from surfaces before treatment is applied. A damp cloth may be used but it is of critical importance to allow the surface to dry properly before treatment is applied.
  • Make sure there is no glue on the surface being treated
  • No liquid must be spilt, especially water after sanding is complete