Get the highest quality aluminium doors for your home and business. Exterior aluminium doors are the perfect solution to the South African climate.  K Parker Joinery’s expert installation of aluminium sliding doors or aluminium pivot doors, and high-quality manufacturing, mean your home or office is protected from the elements while looking fantastic.

We offer an extensive aluminium door range tailored to various designs, sizes and styles. You can find exactly what you need right here. We courier anywhere in South Africa at very competitive prices!

A quote from us is a must, because buying direct from the manufacturer means you save money! 
We do ANY SIZE OR DESIGN Aluminium Doors or Windows! Place your order today!


K Parker Joinery’s hinged Aluminium Doors or Luxe hinged Aluminium Doors are a staple classic to complete your modern home. Hinged Aluminium Doors do not warp and are low maintenance.

Choose from single or double glazing according to your buildings’ needs and specifications. 


Introduce some design flair to your home or office with aluminium pivot doors or K Parker’s high-quality range of Luxe Pivot doors.

Get all the benefits of aluminium exterior doors like lower maintenance and warp-proof guarantees while displaying some whimsy with an expertly manufactured and installed aluminium pivot door.  


Trust K Parker Joinery’s quality aluminium patio sliding doors or aluminium palace sliding doors to supply security and modern elegance to your home or office. Choose from their premium range of aluminium sliding doors with either double or single glazing to maximise insulation. 


Aluminium folding or stacking doors create a seamless sense of elegance and protection from elements while maximising your indoor / outdoor living space. Vistafold alumunium folding doors can be paired with single or double glazing and are custom made to suit your design style and needs. 


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At K Parker Joinery we provide you with a perfect solution to fit your unique requirements, environmental conditions, the style and appearance of your building and your personal lifestyle choices…. All under one roof.

Let us assist you in 3 quick and easy steps:

  1. Contact us today for complete & trustworthy advice.
  2. Choose your product and buy online.
  3. Collect or have your builder / installer collect the product from our factory centrally located in Kew, Sandton, or have your product delivered to your building site.  The delivery company we use provide a trackable, trustworthy, reputable service.

Need a reputable, qualified installer to replace your old steel windows?  We can help with this too.  Click here to find a list of pre-approved installers.

Still unsure and need more assistance?

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