Sliding doors have become an almost essential feature in South African homes. If you don’t already have one somewhere in your house, then read on, because there are several reasons why you should consider adding one or two to your home this summer.

The benefits of sliding doors

Sliding doors offer more than just aesthetic value to your lounge, entertainment area or even bedroom. Whether you opt for a wooden, aluminium or uPVC sliding door, you can enjoy these five important benefits, among others:

  • Energy efficiency:  When constructed in wood or uPVC and fitted with double glazing, sliding doors are excellent insulators. They are fitted with gaskets that make them very efficient at keeping out dust, drafts, rain and sound. They keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Indoor/ outdoor flow: Sliding doors also create a seamless flow between outdoor and indoor spaces. Even when the doors are closed, the glass panels enable a full view of the surrounding garden.
  • Safety: Those large panes of glass might look vulnerable, but in fact, most sliding doors are made with shatterproof safety glass, which provides a great protective barrier
  • Space saving: Since sliding doors operate without a hinge, there is no extra space required to accommodate the door arc that comes with a swinging door. The one leaf simply slides over the other, taking up no space at all.
  • Natural light: With their extra-large panes, sliding doors allow plenty of natural light into your living space, which is vital for your health and happiness.

How long do sliding doors last?

Sliding glass doors are also long-lasting fixtures. The best ones, provided that are cared for properly, will last for decades.

How much are sliding doors?

The cost of a sliding door depends on a number of factors, such as the size required, the design and the materials used. If you are considering adding a new sliding door to your house during the coming summer months, contact K Parker Joinery for a free quote on our wood, aluminium or uPVC sliding doors.