Your new home will be your pride and joy! Hence, the reason why you are really taking the time to contemplate all of your options when it comes to making it the best home that it can possibly be. There are so many factors to consider, especially in terms of finding that delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics. Before you can start thinking about interior decorating and furnishing your brand-new residence, one of the most important aspects to consider will be that of your windows and your doors. For instance, what material should you opt for? Below, we highlight eight reasons why you should opt for aluminium windows and doors, in particular. 

1.            Aluminium Promises a Modern Look and Feel

Despite first becoming a design and architectural trend in the late 70s and 80s, aluminium windows and doors have undergone a contemporary revolution. They offer a stunning, streamlined aesthetic look. This is because aluminium has such an impressive strength profile. Due to its sturdiness, much less of the material is required in order to hold the glass in the frame, which ultimately results in a slimmer, sleeker look. It also allows for the installation of much larger windows and doors, giving the impression of not only more space, but also helping to blur the lines that separate the interior from the exterior. 

Therefore, if you really want to embrace that modern look and feel, as well as ensure that your new home fits in effortlessly with the rest of the houses in your neighbourhood, you cannot go wrong with aluminium windows and doors.

A word of caution when selecting your supplier is to understand the section of Aluminium, specifically the wall thickness to ensure it will meet your requirements long term and will in fact be a long lasting investment.

2.            Aluminium Is Durable

If you are looking for a material for your windows and doors that is guaranteed to stand the test of time, aluminium is a definite choice. There are several reasons as to why this material is so steadfast. First, if basic maintenance is done such as wiping away the dirt and grime periodically the power coating has a guarantee of 15 years and in the field we see much longer longevity. Secondly, aluminium is resistant to rust, it is unlikely to degrade even if exposed to moist conditions for days on end. Finally, you do not need to worry about an infestation of termites and rot.

3.            Aluminium Is Easy to Maintain

Speaking of maintenance, aluminium windows and doors are some of the easiest and most cost-effective to clean and maintain. All that you, as a home owner, would need to do in order to keep aluminium windows and doors in tip-top condition is to give them a good clean periodically, using a soft microfibre cloth and some dish washing liquid. 

4.            Long-Lasting Colour

How long should your power coating last? As indicated above maintenance is the key to maintaining the colour and working parts of your Aluminium. What should I be asking my Aluminium supplier when it comes to guarantees? Firstly, ask your supplier if they are using a QUALICOAT powder coating supplier as this has been recognised by the industry for both interior and coastal regions. With periodic maintenance you will get a guarantee of 15 years and in reality we have seen much longer periods. 

5.            Aluminium Is Energy-Efficient

Let’s first look at the choices available. Firstly, there is the fully imported Thermal-Break Aluminium which is the equivalent of Timber and uPVC in aspects of thermal gain and heat loss. This does come at a premium cost which pushes many people out of their budget. Secondly, we have the standard Aluminium without the Thermal-Break. All is not lost as although this is less energy-efficient there are ways to counteract this drawback. By discussing your requirements with your architect or KPJ, we will be able to advise you on a workable solution that suits your budget and resulting in a solid investment.

6.            Aluminium Is Tailor-Made for the South African Climate

All the properties of aluminium perfectly complement the local climate. South Africa experiences many cold, hot, rainy and humid days. Aluminium is built to withstand all these elements. It gives piece of mind as it does not easily, bend, rot, rust, crack or discolour. Furthermore, aluminium is also fire-resistant, meaning that it provides for maximum safety and peace of mind.

7.            Aluminium Is Affordable

Aluminium is versatile due to the many choices you have. Your design can cater for the entry level casement and sliders or the top end depending on your budget. Considering its durability and maintenance-free nature, Aluminium it one of the most affordable options to consider overall. It is important to weigh up all the costs over a minimum 10-year period. For example, while you might pay less for a cheaper material, you will have to replace it much sooner, or spend substantially more money maintaining it in the long run. You should always be aware of what you are installing in your house and ask questions from your supplier to ensure the correct product is supplied for your long-term needs.

8.            Aluminium Is Eco-Friendly

Worried about your carbon footprint? Rest assured that aluminium windows and doors are exceptionally eco-friendly. Aluminium is easy to recycle, especially when compared to various other metals. Along with being recyclable, aluminium also boasts one of the highest recycling rates in South Africa. Powder coating is an eco-friendlier approach. 

The Different Types of Aluminium Windows

Now that you know that investing in aluminium windows and doors is a wise choice, you will probably be wondering what types of aluminium windows are available to you. Some of the most popular include: 

  • Top Hung Casement Aluminium Windows

These windows are designed to swing open from the bottom in an outward movement, and this allows for a great balance and control of air flow into the room.

  • Side Hung Casement Aluminium Windows

These windows allow for a large amount of natural light to bathe the room, as well as superior air flow.

  • Horizontal Sliding and Folding Aluminium Windows

You simply slide the horizontal sliding window open or closed. Folding aluminium windows also easily fall into the correct place as they are simply moved with a pushing and pulling motion.

  • Fixed Aluminium Windows

A fixed window, otherwise known as a ‘picture window’ is a window that has one simple function, and that is to bring natural light into the room. Fixed windows do not open, however, so there is no air flow coming into the room from that window.

The Different Types of Aluminium Doors

Just like there are many different types of aluminium windows to choose from, there is a vast selection of aluminium doors that await you too. Here are a few that you may want to consider:

  • Aluminium Patio Sliding Doors

Aluminium patio sliding doors are those doors placed at the entrance of one’s patio. These types of aluminium doors are ideal because they allow for plenty of natural light to shine through the glass, helping to illuminate the room and provide people inside with a view of the front or the back garden. 

  • Aluminium Palace Sliding Doors

Palace sliding doors are a premium range of sliding doors that offer a greater level of durability, as well as a larger panel size, when compared to that of most standard sliding doors.

  • Aluminium Vista Sliding Folding Doors

Aluminium vista sliding folding doors are convenient and stylish, hence the reason why they are a popular choice for homeowners who wish to give their homes that trademark contemporary flair. 

  • Hinged Aluminium Entrance Doors

Your home’s entrance door is the first thing that most visitors notice – and that is why you want to select one carefully! Luckily, you really cannot go wrong with hinged aluminium entrance doors. They are visually appealing, functional, and are a long-term, worthwhile investment. 

  • Tilt and Turn Windows

Using T&T windows has several advantages. Firstly, it acts as a security feature with a tilt from top to bottom leaving only enough room for air flow and not enough space for someone to climb through. Secondly as the window can open full inwards as a hinged door would for example it is easy to clean which is especially useful on the upper floors of a building. Features to look out for are, as they open fully internally some thought will need to go into the interior requirements. Another aspect is that they may not be child friendly unless the full opening is restricted which is achievable with a restrictor stay. 

  • Shopfront or Curtain Wall

This is usually the first ‘WOW’ factor of your home that everybody notices. A large single volume or double volume unit showing off an elaborate staircase or entrance.

Discuss this design thoroughly with your architect or supplier as bigger than average opening require a Curtain Wall system rather than the standard Shopfront which will not only guarantee greater strength but also stop water penetration. 

When in search of the highest quality aluminium windows and doors, K Parker Joinery is your go-to supplier for all your Aluminium needs. For more information about our extensive range, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.