If you’re reading this, chances are you have doors in your home (or at least we hope you do), and if there has been nothing particularly noteworthy about them, you also likely haven’t given them a second thought. It closes and opens, locks and unlocks, and seems to be in pretty good condition. But does it offer you everything you actually need from a door?

Strength & Reliability

Strength and reliability are good places to star, because they determine how long your door will last, and how easily it will maintain top condition. You will be planning on using it for years and years to come, and so it needs to be able to outlast the weather and age in equal measure.

Security & Safety

The top priority for any door is safety and security, and this takes place on two fronts.

Security is the stopping power of your door. How difficult it is for intruders to make their way through it, and this is obviously a concern.

Safety-wise, you need to account for things like fires. If the door burns up too quickly, it wouldn’t be a safe match for your home. Still, we wouldn’t recommend testing that on your door.

Aesthetics & Style

Style! Your door should match the mood, theme, colours and style of its surrounding architecture, lest others see that red door and want it painted black. A door that doesn’t fit its surrounding architecture will stick out like a sore thumb, or a red-door.

Energy Efficiency & Light Control

The next two things concern how easy (and affordable) it is to control temperatures indoors. The less efficient the materials in the door, the more costly it will be to manage temperatures.

Light control is also a thing to think about, but doors don’t exclusively offer it. If you need additional light indoors, a door with embedded windows is a great idea.

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