Frameless doors, such as the Sunflex range, are becoming increasingly popular due to their elegant simplicity and durability. What are the benefits of frameless doors, and why are more and more people choosing them for their homes?

Aesthetics and function – the benefits of frameless glass doors

Minimalism is an essential characteristic of contemporary design – and frameless doors embody this quality. However, this simplicity is deceptive, because a great deal of research, development and engineering has gone into creating these products. Available in both sliding and stacking systems, frameless doors are ideal for use on patios or as balcony enclosures and room dividers.  

Frameless doors come in a variety of configurations to suit the space in which they are installed, and are easy to use and maintain. Stacking glass doors are made of reinforced glass and are incredibly sturdy. The locking, sliding and connection systems allow for complete stability and easy operation. They are secure and fashionable additions to any building. Stacking doors also allow you to open up your patio and balcony spaces: they can be opened over the entire front and parked as a narrow stack on one side, giving you a wide passage and an unobstructed view.

Why you should invest in frameless doors

You may wonder: ‘which is better, framed or frameless doors?’ There is no straightforward answer to that question, as it depends on your personal preferences. That being said, there are definite benefits to investing in frameless glass doors. Aside from their ability to fit in with a wide range of design styles, they also make sense from a cost perspective. Whereas framed doors – whether the frames are made of wood are aluminium – tend to require more maintenance and suffer more wear and tear, frameless glass doors offer extreme durability. They are far less demanding when it comes to maintenance. They are also built for longevity, with both the design and the choice of materials intended to ensure strong, lasting doors.

How much do frameless doors cost?

The cost of frameless doors depends on your exact needs. If you are interested in frameless doors, contact K Parker Joinery for more information on the Sunflex range and a free quote.