How to choose the best wood for an exterior door? It’s a question that’s both easy difficult to answer. While there are certain types of wood that are common choices for outside doors because of their density and hardiness, these qualities are not the only consideration. Exterior doors are not just barriers, they are integral parts of your home’s style, so the choice of wood is also a question of taste.

For an exterior door that you can both be proud of and feel safe and secure with, you need to choose a quality hardwood that combines natural beauty with natural strength. So what are the best entry doors for a home?

Different types of wood species for exterior doors

Whereas you have a few more options when selecting wood for interior doors, when it comes to exterior ones – especially your front door, you want a good, solid hardwood that stains well, is easy to maintain and stands strong and proud for a lifetime. The best options are woods like teak and mahogany. Mahogany, in particular, is admired as a sturdy hardwood that also has an attractive, reddish-brown colour and beautiful grain patterns. These woods provide long-term stability, enduring beauty and resistance to all weather conditions. They can also very easily be integrated with most popular architectural styles, from classic to contemporary.

How much do exterior doors cost? This all depends on which of the wood options you choose, as well as factors such as measurement and design. K Parker Joinery makes use of a wide range of hardwoods in the manufacture of our exterior doors. We also custom make our doors to order and offer several design varieties and door types, including single doors, double doors and pivot doors. Contact us for a free quote and let us create your dream exterior door to suit your style, needs and budget.