Did you know in the seventeenth century, French architects referred to French doors as porte-fenêtre meaning oversized windows, but today they are so much more? 

The beautiful and modern French doors, normally a pair, are well known for their elegant, multifunction design as both a window and door. The majority glass to wood or aluminium door ensures the abundance of natural light. 

What Are The Advantages Of A French Door? 

Light and Space. Many property owners prefer French doors as they increase natural light in dull living areas that lack sunlight. Once opened, they help merge garden and home into a perfect symmetry of light and space.

Access. The French door is not only a beautiful addition to any home, it also allows easy access when bringing in large items without any struggle and limiting the possibility of damage.  

Energy Efficiency. High on everyone’s priority list is the reduction of energy consumption. With quality, durable glass, your living spaces stay warm during winter and cool during summer., You will no longer need to use climate control at high settings, especially if your French doors meet the new SANS regulations. 

Versatility. French doors are not just doors leading to the outside. Designers have used these doors effectively as interior doors by dividing rooms while creating the feel of openness and flow. Separating kitchen from dining rooms, living rooms from kitchens, dining rooms from living rooms, and even ensuite bathrooms are only a few ways you can use a French door.

Wow Factor. Styles of French doors are limited by your own imagination. Customise and create your design to suit your living area. Embrace a new vibrant look without massive expenses and big alterations by fitting a beautiful and functional French door in a single installation. 

Door and Window Manufacturers In Johannesburg

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