Specifying uPVC window frames makes a lot of sense in the South African setting. Whether for a new-build or if you are renovating, Rehau window profiles not only look elegant, but they offer security, efficiency, and durability too.

1. Security 

Sadly, security is one of the first considerations South Africans take into account when choosing the finishes of a building. With that in mind, our uPVC window frames offer enhanced security features to keep you safe and secure:

  •         The strength and security of uPVC window frame profiles is that they are made from high-performance unplasticized polyvinyl chloride – a vinyl polymer that is bonded with chlorine forming a non-plastic material that can be combined with steel. uPVC is therefore extremely strong.
  •         Additionally, Rehau windows are fitted with multi-point locking hardware that grips into the lock keeps located in the steel reinforcing at multiple points.
  •         Combine that with double-glazing and security glazing tape for a truly intruder-resistant window.

2. Energy-efficiency 

As the price of electricity skyrockets (despite the hours of loadshedding,) the need to embrace energy-efficient solutions increases. In fact, energy usage is regulated by SANS 10400 XA building regulations in new structures.

Because uPVC is not a conducting material, it blocks the transfer of heat.

The whole product – frame and glass – needs to be compliant. The glass part of your windows affects the energy efficiency depending on the number of panes and whether it has a low-emissivity (low-E) glass coating.

3. Sound-reduction 

Get the peace and serenity you deserve with uPVC window frames combined with double-glazing can reduce noise by up to 80% depending on other structural factors.

4. Durability 

A low maintenance option, uPVC doors and windows are impact-resistant and weather-resistant. They keep their stylish good looks throughout the years.

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