uPVC doors are a versatile option. From creating a fine first impression with entrance doors to creating open plan entertainment areas with uPVC folding patio doors, French doors, or sliding doors, uPVC offers a quartet of benefits:

1. Attractive 

Only available in white 

We use Rehau doors which are trendy with a superb finish that is fully compatible with all window styles. They are available in various trendy colours and modern finishes – Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Dark Bronze, Titanium, Light Bronze, and Polished Chrome.

Bonus: Despite their stylish good looks, uPVC door systems are weather-resistant, durable, and impact-resistant, making them remarkably low maintenance.

2. Quiet 

Whether you are a homeowner, hotelier, or office designer, the need for peace and quiet is a priority. uPVC door frames combined with double-glazing reduce noise by up to 80%.

3. Safe 

Despite their aesthetic appeal, vinyl doors are sturdily constructed with excellent security properties. The door frames are extremely strong because they are made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride – a vinyl polymer that is bonded with chlorine forming a non-plastic material that can be combined with steel.

To increase your safety and security further, Rehau windows can accommodate a variety of the latest high-performance handles, hinges, and locking mechanisms.

4. Energy-efficient 

Energy efficiency and thermal insulation are not just a passing fad – new structures are regulated by SANS 10400 XA regarding their energy usage.

These building regulations require the whole product – frame and glass – to be compliant. uPVC door frames block the transfer of heat, while the glass part of your windows affects the energy efficiency depending on the number of panes (double-glazing, rather than single) and whether it has a low-emissivity (low-E) glass coating.

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