Top Hung Casement Windows are a neat and elegant addition to any home or office space. They are a very popular choice and design. They swing open from the bottom in an outward movement, and this allows for a great balance and control of air flow into the room. These windows are a great addition to a sleek and open architectural look. This window type is perfect for bringing in an abundant amount of natural light into the interior space.

The benefits of the top hung casement window are:

  • The functional design allows for easy access to the window even when the furniture layout might deny easy access.

  • The design of the window allows for it to remain open during wet weather without bringing water into the interior.

  • Available in Single or Double Glazing.

  • Available in standard colours White, Black, Bronze, Charcoal Power coatings or Natural anodised.

  • Custom colours and designs are available.

  • This type of window is quiet, easy to use and created with a strong hinge to keep the window secure and reliable.

  • They are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and design.

  • They require low maintenance.

  • The design does allow for the fitment of burglar bars if they are required.

  • Once you have set the angle of the open window, it does not swing open and close in the wind.

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