Before we get to the maintenance of the product insure your timber doors and windows are adequately treated after installation.

The Holy Grail – Homeowners must ensure that the timber products installed have been adequately treated. Assuming the product instructions have been followed correctly the only duty of the homeowner is to insure all SIX sides of the product are treated equally. This check is often only a 30-minute exercise with a mirror or your cell phone camera.

This should be checked every 4-5 years and action taken if necessary.

Poorly treated timber leads to a negative perception against a beautiful and warm product. 

How to Maintain Your Wooden Windows

Wooden windows are not only aesthetically beautiful, but they also have the potential to last a lifetime – if properly cared for. With that in mind, here is everything that you need to know about wooden window maintenance.

How Often to Conduct Maintenance on Timber Doors and Windows

It is important to give your wooden windows a good clean every second week or so. In addition, take the time to inspect for any damage. The earlier you notice signs of damage, the easier the issues will be to repair. Due to new regulation an overhang of 500mm is required on all new buildings which dramatically extends the life span of timber products. The Tuscan style of buildings without overhangs and gutters was very detrimental to externally exposed timber products.

(Wooden windows should be kept clear of dirt; I’d not set a time frame to it rather just highlight the fact that they should be kept clean and remove puddles of water that have not drained away )

Cleaning Your Wooden Windows

In order to clean your wooden windows, all that you will need is a clean cloth and some soapy water (dish washing liquid will do the trick unless you would prefer to use a specialist product). Follow these easy steps:

  • Start by removing any dust from the frame using your dry cloth or broom.
  • Use soapy water and give the frames a clean. 
  • Dry the frames.
  • Insure that a sprinkler system sprays away form the door and windows
  • Open ALL windows and doors at least once a month and inspect for the following:

(Warping, swelling, missing screws, discolouring, difficulty opening and closing, cracks in the finish, signs of water resting on the frame.)

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