The romans were the first to make use of windows

A window was essentially just a hole in the wall before the official arrival of the glass window. The Roams are known to have used the first glass windows, they used glass blowing techniques from ancient Egypt.

In Ancient China, Korea, and Japan, greased paper windows were quite common

In the earliest cultures of Asia, greased windows were widely used. The grease filled gaps between the paper fibres and also provided a diffused light source.

These types of windows were also used by American pioneers. The more traditional glass windows were somewhat costly during the 1800’s, so the greased paper provided you with a more affordable alternative.

The meaning of “Window”

The word “window” in the English language, originates from Old Norse vindauga. This is a combination of wind and eye, translating to wind eye.

The English word window was first recorded in the early 13th century. It referred to a hole in a roof. Directly translated, the Old English version of window is eye-hole or eye-door.  

Many of the windows in the Winchester House have 13 panes

The Winchester House is a mansion situated in San Jose, California. Construction began in 1884 and it did not stop until the owner’s death in 1922. This home is remarkable because of the staircases that lead to nowhere, the hidden room and much more. The owner of the house’s favorite number is 13, and many of the windows in the house had 13 panes. There are also many rooms in the house that have 13 windows.

Each window style offers a unique function

Modern windows are available in many different styles. The styles not only look much different aesthetically, but they also function differently. For example, a garden window offers the perfect spot for you to grow an herb garden or small plants. And on the other hand, a slider window will open along a rolling track and can allow a significant amount of fresh air in.

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