Sliding Doors are becoming a popular choice to have a closer connection with your garden and making your living space feel larger. However, deciding between aluminium or uPVC “unplasticised polyvinyl chloride” sliding doors can often be a tricky debate for homeowners.

Aluminium sliding doors have a distinct combination of strength and durability and compared to other metal sliding doors can last for many years without rusting. UPVC sliding doors are popular for their low maintenance, long lifespan, and stunning finish.

Aluminium Sliding Door 

Aluminium sliding doors are elegant with slimmer frames compared to uPVC frames and offer a larger view to the outside. They are most popular for their durable properties and ideal for South Africa’s weather conditions. It is the smart and environmentally friendly choice. It is completely reusable and recyclable, and the recycling process only takes 5% of the initial energy spent to mine and manufacture it.

With powder coatings, aluminium doors can have different looks and finishes. This gives designers and buyers the opportunity to explore their creativity and of course as a product is exceptionally low maintenance. 

UPVC Sliding Door 

uPVC doors add a stunning finish to any home. Most popular for their flexible characteristics and resistance to swelling.  Compared to other sliding doors; uPVC sliding doors are recommended by property owners living in rowdy areas as they block out exterior noises most effectively. However, in saying that it depends on the type of glass you choose to install.

uPVC and sliding door were made for each other. It is the most affordable choice with no extra maintenance; but more importantly does not limit your taste in design and style. 

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