The Side Hung Casement Window is more common within a residential context and they are not uncommon in architectural projects. This window type’s design is essentially the more modern and updated version of the common side hung windows that we are conventionally familiar with. These windows are elegantly designed with a neat aluminum finish that will complement the overall exterior and interior aesthetic. They allow for a great amount of natural light to bathe the room, as well as great air flow.

This window is accompanied by its own benefits:

  • Side hung sashes are fitted with draught seal to prevent any infiltration of air and water.

  • The design does allow for the fitment of burglar bars if they are required.

  • The window mechanics are designed that once the window has been opened to the desired angle, it will not move with the wind.

  • The option to install insect screens is available during installation, as well as at a later stage.

  • They are low maintenance.

  • Available in Single or Double Glazing.

  • Available in standard colours White, Black, Bronze, Charcoal Power coatings or Natural anodised.

  • Custom colours and designs are available.

  • They have incorporated a quiet and smooth operation.

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