Our Sunflex SF20 Frameless glass sliding doors are the result of decades of research and development and are made internationally from high-quality materials and careful design.
They offer uninterrupted clear views for homes, offices and external structures such as balconies and patios; excellent operational performance and enhanced noise reduction.
Their frameless glass panels slide horizontally to either one or two sides. As one panel is opened or closed, the remaining panels follow its motion to create an opening.
This type of versatility is afforded by two, three, four or five track slides and guide rails, depending on the needs of the client.

Features & Benefits

  • Aesthetic, minimalistic design with no visible sight lines.

  • Energy saving benefits and weather protection from the elements.

  • A variety of configurations.

  • Slave panels open and close automatically.

  • Internal track draining for easy cleaning.

  • Choose between an anti-slip floor track or flush track.

  • Low maintenance requirements

Product Specifications


A 25mm panel covering when closed offers maximum transparency, permanent ventilation and protection from the elements.

Height Compensation

Ceiling rails can adjust to height differences of up to 20mm.

Height Adjustment

Integrated rollers can be adjusted for heights of up to 5mm to compensate for structural variations.

Vertical Frame

Additional rain and wind resistance thanks to vertical frame profiles with brush gaskets (optionally available).

Drainage and Cleaning

Unpressurised drainage and rail cleaning is made simple through a sloping construction and shortened rail lengths.

Locking Mechanism

Handles, locks and locking mechanisms can be optionally fitted to the panel on the external or the internal section.


Adjacent panels move automatically with integrated followers when the door is opened or closed.

Ease of Operation

Ball-bearing based rollers are carefully hidden to facilitate smooth movement when operating the door. This also reduces the noise of operation.

Need Sunflex Frameless Glass Sliding Doors?

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