The latest trend is wooden furniture, you can do so much with wood like: wooden tables, doors, window frames, a bed base but today I will be talking about wooden frames.

I think personally wood is the best material for furniture you can get. Wood is trending lately because it is natural and environmentally friendly and most people care about the planet so they will go for this option.

Wood can be expensive, but the main thing is that wood is reliable, strong and durable, it lasts a very long time. You can do a lot with wood you can cut it and turn it into something magnificent. It also comes in all shapes and sizes.

Types of wood used and their benefits


Oak is a hardwood and light brown in colour, it comes from England. Oak bends very easily making it very easy to work with, but will stain blue if it has any contact with iron compounds. Oak is also not too expensive but it is a very durable and heavy type of wood. You can also varnish oak; it takes well to that.


Sapele is a hardwood and very good for furniture and frame making. It is cost efficient and very good in terms of quality. This type of wood can take well to stains, polishes, waxes and varnish. It is almost rot and weather resistant, and is highly and steadily available.


This type of wood is a softwood and is also weather resistant. Redwood is very popular for rustic-look furniture. This wood is resistant to insects and even more resistant to UV rays than other types of wood. Redwood will last for years and can be coated in a clear sealant.

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Wood is very popular and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to try out some wooden windows for their home to make It look slick and classy.

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