Your home front door is the most vital line of protection between your home and intruders. Besides the safety factor, it also adds to the aesthetic style of your home, and additionally makes it easier to control the temperatures within your home. As one of the most important features in your home, having a front door gives you the feeling of safety and that is reliable and durable can make all the difference. We at K Parker Joinery are here to help you with that. We’ve set out to get tips from trusted door & frame suppliers in our area on how to keep your doors lasting longer and safer, so that they can keep offering you more.

Yearly Maintenance

As with any part in your home, increasing its lifespan has a lot to do with how well, and how often you maintain it. Home front doors deal with a lot on a daily basis, they are extensively used and constantly battered by the outdoor elements, which means that repairs and maintenance on them should never be forgotten or overlooked, and should in fact happen at least annually. This will protect its structure, the materials used to make them, their hinges, locks, protective coatings and other parts of the door, all of which will weaken without annual attention.

Borate Treatments

Borate treatments are specifically designed to protect wood from the ruining of the sun and bad weather, and is extremely important for doors that utilized in a damp environment. Wood rot will quickly compromise treatments as part of your yearly maintenance processes, you can continuously ensure that your property is adequately protected against these elements.

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