Doors and windows are one of the most popular ways for thieves to break into your home. Using quality security shutters can help you secure your property and can be easily installed. Many security shutters also have options that will allow you to match the look of your home. Here we will explore how security shutters can improve your home’s style and questions you should ask before choosing your security shutters. 

Security shutters 

Security shutters are specifically designed to deter burglary and to secure the home or business. They can vary from rolling shutters seen on many business buildings that serve the functional purpose of adding security regardless of appearance. Security shutters that use louvres are popular for the home as they can add both security and improve the style and look of your house.

Framing and sills 

The type of framing and sills that your windows have can determine whether you should install your shutters inside or outside. To install shutters inside so you can continue to use the sill, consider mounting the shutters inside the window recess. If there is no recess on your windows, an outside mount would be the best location for your shutters. Ensure you speak to your contractor about what would work best, both for function and appearance.

Before you choose your security shutters, ask: 

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you choose your security shutters:

  1. Do you want purely functional security shutters, or do you want them also to add style to your home?
  2. What material would be best for your budget and the style of your home?
  3. If installing exterior shutters, what material is needed to hold up to the elements?

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