With summer just around the corner, people all over Johannesburg are looking for effective ways to better manage the temperatures in their home. While solutions such as HVAC and aircon systems do work, they also come with expensive investment and operational costs. A much simpler and more practical solution is out there, however, by simply getting the right doors and windows for your home or office.

Allowing for Better Air Control

The first and simplest way that doors and windows offer you better temperature control is by giving you control over how much outside air comes into your interior spaces.

Correctly placed doors and windows can cool a room in an instant by simply opening them to let a breeze in.

Using Light to Heat Spaces

There might still be points in the summer where you need to elevate temperatures. First thing in the morning, for instance, is a great time to let light into bedrooms to allow for a slight rise in temperatures. West-facing windows let morning light into any room, which will allow you to effectively control the temperature within those rooms.

Want to keep the light and heat out? Invest in a set of blinds or thickset curtains that can keep sun-rays out.

Insulating Indoor Air

By insulating windows, or by opting for double-glazed glass, you can add to the insulation in your home. This will allow you to lock temperatures in, whether that be from cold or warm air. This will also make temperature regulation more cost-effective for those using ACs since they won’t need to work as hard to maintain temperatures thanks to their insulation.

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