Horizontal Sliding and Folding Windows are a great addition to any space that is looking to bring in a lot of natural light and a controlled amount of large air flow into the building interior. They are very simple in application, one would slide the horizontal sliding window open or closed, and your folding doors would easily fall into the correct place as they are simply moved with a pushing and pulling movement.

These windows allow you to choose how open you would like them to be, by will be controlling the amount of air and the breeze to come in from outside. The openness of these windows will not be affected by the wind. These are very practical and simple to use windows that really brighten up any room with a very modern and sleek design.

The benefits of Horizontal Sliding and Folding Windows are:

  • Practical in any environment.

  • High aesthetic value.

  • Strong and durable structures.

  • The functionality is smooth and silent.

  • Available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find your perfect fit.

  • Available in Single or Double Glazing.

  • Available in standard colours White, Black, Bronze, Charcoal Power coatings or Natural anodised.

  • Custom colours and designs are available.

  • The design and style are complementary to the exterior and interior design of the structure.

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