A fixed window or a picture window is a window that has one simple function, and that is to bring natural light into the room. They do not open so there is no air flow coming into the room from that window. It has a pure function of bringing in natural light and creates a transparent barrier between the interior and exterior of the room. These windows can be created to fit various forms and sizes. There are even a variety of styles and functions that a fixed window inhabits. There are bay, bow and various other fixed windows, these types of fixed windows allow the window design to become an aesthetic and functional part of the room.

The benefits of Fixed Windows are:

  • They are a great source of natural light.

  • Practical applications in a variety of contexts.

  • There are different styles to complement the designs of the building or home.

  • The light is not obstructed by things such as burglar bars or insect screens.

  • Available in Single or Double Glazing.

  • Available in standard colours White, Black, Bronze, Charcoal Power coatings or Natural anodised.

  • Custom colours and designs are available.

  • They are exceptionally low maintenance.

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