Your front door is one of the first things that people will notice about your home; it is essentially a portal into the rest of your space. If you’ve ever dared to step outside of the box with a colourful statement door, here’s what the colour of your door says about you.


Blue is a colour that signifies an atmosphere that is calm and peaceful; reflecting the blues you find in nature such as the sky and light blue, clear seas. It also represents communication, trust and dependability. Having a blue door is a sign that you value integrity and loyalty whilst maintaining your responsibilities.


Yellow is the colour of the optimist, representing sunshine and light. It is the colour of eternal youth no matter your physical age; always appearing fresh and lively whilst having the confidence to be happily bold. In psychology, yellow has been associated with concise thinking and faster decision-making skills.


A brown or earthy looking door symbolises that you are grounded, taking delight in constancy, sturdiness and things that are natural. If you have a brown door, you may value the elegance of minimalism and have strong pulls towards anything that resembles safety and warmth. It is a surprisingly comforting colour.


A grey door indicates that you are strong in your opinions and extremely protective of those you love. You value emotional maturity and all that is reliable whilst having a respect and fondness for things that are functional and concrete. Grey can be seen as a gloomy colour, but pairing it with other colours shows that it is a real team-player.

Looking for a Colour that Represents You?

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