Fenestration isn’t a word you hear very often, but it describes something that you come into contact with multiple times each day. What’s more, you already understand it at a basic level, even if you had never heard the word before.

What is Fenestration?

In a nutshell, when we talk about architecture, fenestration describes the layout of all the openings in a structure.

This could be exterior air-vents, but more often than not it describes the way windows and doors are laid out, particularly with regards to how much of an opening for air they create in the building.

How Does Fenestration Affect Energy Efficiency?

So we can already see how the concept of fenestration is related to energy efficiency in the home. Obviously, the more openings your home has, the more difficult it will be to regulate the temperatures within it.

This is even more so when the weather is cold, or the building is situated in a colder climate. Therefore, such settings will have stricter compliance criterion with regards to energy compliance, since there will be more of a demand placed on them to maintain efficiency.

How Optimising Fenestration Benefits Your Home

Having said this, opting for quality products from door and window manufacturers that leverage off of energy efficient fenestration technology bring a number of unique benefits to homes and buildings:

  • They increase the comfort of your home by allowing for better energy control.
  • They improve the quality of indoor air by reducing condensation.
  • Save money by becoming less reliant on heating and air conditioning.

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