Looking for that unique feature to make your home more chic?

Pivot doors are a modern touch that operates smoothly and offers lifelong elegance. They can be constructed using many high quality materials such as wood, steel, and most popular aluminium. Pivot door designs can include tinted glass inserts and even LED lighting. 

There are two main types of pivots:

  1. Offset Pivots. Allow the door to swing 180 degrees. Offset Pivots are seemingly appealing as they are only fitted at the top and bottom of the door. 
  2. Centre Hung Pivots. This kind of pivot is most often found in store front doors. The fast acting pivot allows the door to be opened from either direction. Centre Hung Pivots are fitted closer to the centre of the door. 

What Is The Difference Between A Pivot Door And A Hinge Door? 

Pivot doors are radiant large doors that rotate on a spindle and have the capacity to support more weight. Compared to standard doors, pivot doors have no hinge restraints. 

From the front door to the bathroom door, Hinge doors are standard doors found in all homes. Hinge doors are smaller in size and unable to bare heavy weight. Compared to Pivot doors, Hinge doors have restraints and are unable to swivel at 180 degrees.

Why Would You Choose To Install A Pivot Door Over Any Other Kind Of Door? 

Pivot doors provide a unique grand entry and first impression. Whilst being made of heavy material, they appear lightweight and create a lifelong bold statement. The operation of Pivot doors can be altered with different pivots to enhance its closure speed and rotation. 

Whatever your vision may be when it comes to your grand entrance, we at K Parker Joinery can help you to turn it into a reality. Get in touch with us now for further details.