There are many different wood species used in doors – and each of them has specific pros and cons in terms of cost, appearance and durability. We are often asked, “What are the different types of wooden doors?” In general terms, the answer is that only hardwoods should be used in door production. There are many different hardwoods that can be utilised, depending on what part of the world you’re in and what species of wood are immediately available to you, or if you have the budget to import specific timbers from elsewhere.

This is only the case with exterior doors, where the combination of strength and beauty is essential. With interiors, unless a specific project requires the use of hardwoods, Supawood is utilised where solid doors are called for.

What are the types of wooden doors? Here is a list of the most common, including our first choice.  

What are the best wood species for wooden doors?

When you purchase a wooden door, it is likely to be made from one of the following wood species, or similar:

  • African cherry: With its attractive reddish colour, cherry is a popular choice for doors. It is smooth and very versatile but does require sealing, can be expensive and tends to be quite high maintenance.
  • White Oak: The grain quality of white oak makes this beautiful and hardy wood very popular.
  • Red oak: Similar to white oak, red oak stains better and handles the elements extremely well.
  • Teak: One of the most popular woods for exterior doors, teak is heavy and dense. It comes in a variety of shades and lasts for a very long time.
  • Mahogany: Another tough wood, mahogany works well in exterior and interior uses and is easily recognisable with its reddish-brown colour.
  • Kiaat: This much-loved African wood is durable and extremely stable when it is sealed well. It is quite well priced and ideal for exterior doors.
  • Meranti: Also known as red seraya, meranti is our main base wood for the production of exterior doors. With its distinctive reddish hue and excellent balance between strength and workability, meranti can be fashioned into durable and beautiful exterior doors.

The question of what the best wood is for a door depends on what it will be used for – exterior or interior, for example. The important thing is to choose the right wood for a specific job, subject to availability. One of the most common questions clients ask is, how long do wooden doors last? A door’s longevity does depend on the material of which it is made, but just as important is the question of how well the door is maintained, as well as the extent to which it is exposed to the elements. Direct exposure to sunlight and rain should always be avoided, and doors should be cared for as scrupulously as any other high quality and valuable wooden structure. Take good care of your door and it will last a lifetime or longer.

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