Windows: Understanding Energy Efficient Performance

I recently asked a few clients what the most important factor is when they choose new windows and doors for their homes. Unsurprisingly most of them answered that appearance and cost for the main factors. Almost none of them even thought about the energy efficiency of their new windows. So what is energy efficient windows and why is it so important when choosing new windows and doors for your home? This article I found recently on the Building and Construction Technology website will explain exactly why you should consider energy efficient windows from K Parker Joinery over other cheap, mass produced alternatives.

An update on how today’s high-tech windows work and what to look for when you make your next purchase.

by Paul Fisette – © 2003

When we choose windows for a new home or remodeling project, appearance is usually our first consideration. Most often we choose casement, awning, double-hung or fixed glass based on personal taste – not because they provide a tighter seal or the best natural ventilation. Convenience is important too. An entire industry is built around the tilt-out window. Liking a window’s appearance is a fuzzy proposition. But performance and cost are absolute. They are important values deserving thoughtful consideration.

Consumers are mesmerized by price at the pump: the cost of windows off-the-shelf. But cost really depends on durability and the energy dollars pumped through the windows each year. Energy efficient windows save money each and every month. They can lower your mortgaged investment by allowing you to install a smaller and less expensive heating & cooling system. Efficient windows make you feel more comfortable and last longer. Energy conservation and durability are critical components in life-cycle cost. With a little thought, you can have it all. Today, high-performance comes in every style of window.

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