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 Windows: Understanding Energy Efficient Performance

I recently asked a few clients what the most important factor is when they choose new windows and doors for their homes. Unsurprisingly most of them answered that appearance and cost for the main factors. Almost none of them even thought about the energy efficiency of their new windows. So what is energy efficient windows and why is it so important when choosing new windows and doors for your home? This article I found recently on the Building and Construction Technology website will explain exactly why you should consider energy efficient windows from K Parker Joinery over other cheap, mass produced alternatives.

Less Noise, More Safety and Zero Maintenance with uPVC Windows

The benefits of uPVC Windows are endless and beyond compare.

Many of our customers who contact us require windows and doors with sound reducing characteristics as they live close to railway lines, universities or highways. The double glazing capabilities as well as the density of our uPVC products ensure that you get the best in noise reducing technology.

The Benefits of Low-e Glass

Low-e Coatings (e stands for emissivity)

Available in both Single and Double Glazed units.

How Can You Become More Energy Efficient?

NB! The overall energy efficiency takes into the account the framing material used together with the glazing. Choose wood for the best result.

How to clean Low 'E' Glass

Hand Cleaning Low ’E’ Glass

Low ‘E’ Glass has a thin coating to the inner face of the glass. It is this hard and durable coating which gives the glass its thermal insulation and solar control performance compared to ordinary clear glass. The coated surface of Low ‘E’ glass DOES need to be cleaned differently too ordinary glass and the following guidelines are recommended for the best hand cleaning results.