K Parker Joinery is a Pretoria-based timber product company. We offer finely crafted and produced wood, uPVC, and aluminium doors and windows to complement your house and lifestyle. Our goal is to lessen both our own and your environmental effect. As a result, we work hard to provide you with the best U Value in the winter by limiting heat loss and the best Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) in the summer by reducing the amount of heat transported from outside to inside.

About Us

After spending my formative years gaining the requisite knowledge in window and door production, I jumped at the chance to start K Parker Joinery in 1977. My team and I established a profitable business that manufactures high-quality custom wooden doors, windows, and mouldings. Our product and service offerings have grown over time. Aluminum, uPVC, security shutters, frameless glass goods, and installations have all been added to the list.


We take pride in our work and produce solid and glass doors for both residential and commercial purposes. KPJ’s wood and glass doors are sturdy, stylish, and long-lasting. Select from a wide range of traditional wooden and glass doors, or have a custom door created to your exact specifications.

K Parker Joinery provides a diverse selection of doors, including

  • Wooden Doors 
  • Aluminium Doors 
  • uPVC Doors 
  • Blockhouse Security Shutters 
  • Sunflex Frameless Doors 
  • Double Swing Door
  • Single Swing Door


K Parker Joinery provides a high-quality, energy-efficient assortment of durable and attractive hardwood and aluminium windows. As a PG SmartGlass Partner, we can supply you with the greatest glaze and frame match possible, providing you with the optimum solution for your windows. K Parker Joinery provides a wide range of services.

There are numerous varieties of wooden and metal windows available, including

  • Wooden Windows
  • Aluminium Windows 
  • uPVC Windows
  • Blockhouse Security Shutters 
  • Steel-to-wood/Aluminium Conversions

Wooden Mouldings

Kelly Parker Mouldings is a South African company that produces high-end hardwood and supawood mouldings. Since 1977, we have been producing high-quality wooden goods and trimmings for homes. All of the mouldings are handcrafted from meranti or supawood. Because we custom build all of our products, clients can select from a wide range of exotic woods. Whether you order 20m or 200m, we guarantee the finest quality in our products.

We have the following wooden designs on hand:

  • Architraves 
  • Cover Strips 
  • Dado Rails
  • Door Mouldings 
  • Hand Rails 
  • Plinth Blocks 
  • Skirtings 
  • Window Trims

Make K Parker Joinery your first pick when shopping for wooden doors, windows, and mouldings online. Please contact us for a free quote or if you have any questions about our products.


You should never utilise an interior door as an external door. Interior doors are typically hollow and are not designed to resist outside exposure. Exterior doors must provide insulation as well as security.

Exterior doors in your home do not need to be fire-rated. However, for opening protection, the door to your attached garage must be fire-rated. Most commercial buildings must also have fire-rated doors to safeguard the occupants. They are composed of at least partially fire-resistant materials to help stop or delay the spread of a fire.

Because doors with fewer windows are generally safer, windowed patio doors are only found in the back of houses. That doesn’t stop homeowners from installing glass doors at their front doors. We recommend installing a good security system, such as a strike plate and a multipoint locking system, to reinforce the door jamb.

Patio doors with multiple windows are not always the safest option. Tempered glass should always be used for glass doors. If the glass in the door breaks, it is less likely to cause harm than regular annealed glass.