K Parker Joinery Pietermaritzburg – energy-efficient solutions for doors and windows!

Upgrade your home or office with K Parker Joinery Pietermaritzburg. We manufacture beautiful, custom-made doors and windows at affordable prices. Our wide range of high-quality doors and windows includes material made that is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. 

Installation is easy and quick with our expert team. If you are looking to improve the look and feel of your home or office with long-lasting and custom-designed solutions made specifically for you, we offer the best service in Pietermaritzburg.

History Of K Parker Joinery

Serving customers with expert wooden door and window products since 1997!

The K Parker Joinery team has been providing customers with expert products and installation services since 1997. We don’t just provide ordinary wooden doors, windows, and mouldings – we pay close attention to quality, ensuring that customers receive the best material at affordable prices. 

Customisation is important to us. We take pride in bringing you the best doors and windows for your home or corporate location. For this reason, we give you the option of choosing materials and sizes according to your preferences and individual needs.

Pietermaritzburg is a lovely area to work and live in. As the second largest city in KwaZulu-Natal, it is a busy area for businesses and young professionals to move to. Since 2004, the city moved to the modernisation of public buildings, retail, and housing developments with many redevelopments. Modern and contemporary building designs are popularly seen around the city more today than ever.  

Make the most of your property by investing in quality products for your home or office in Pietermaritzburg. Over the years, we have expanded our ranges and services offered. Along with wooden doors and windows, we now also include aluminium, uPVC, security shutters, frameless glass products, installations, and energy-efficient solutions.


A door is the first point of contact that your guests or customers have. Make their visit memorable by letting us create a custom door to suit your property. We source a premier range of energy-efficient wooden and aluminium door materials to provide you with tough yet stylish custom-made doors. 

Choose from our range of interior and exterior doors and door frames including uPVC doors, blockhouse security shutters, and Sunflex frameless doors.


Windows are essential in any building but it doesn’t have to be dull. We are a leading window supplier with a product range that includes beautiful and energy-efficient solutions for your home.

Choose from our range of wooden windows and wooden window frames, aluminium windows, aluminium frames, uPVC windows, blockhouse security shutters, and steel-to-wood aluminium conversions.

Wooden Mouldings

Looking for durable wooden mouldings and trimmings for your property? We provide any wood you need and any length you require. Whether you need meranti, superwood, or any other exotic wood, we can help you find the perfect fit.

Some of our products include:

  • Architraves 
  • Skotia
  • Cover strips
  • Dado rails
  • Door mouldings
  • Wooden handrails 
  • Plinth blocks 
  • Skirtings
  • Window trims

Contact our team at K Parker Joinery Pietermaritzburg for more info today!


Custom doors and windows can be expensive due to the specific requirements needed for your home or office. Choosing cheap material will compromise the look and security of your home. When you choose from the range of products at K Parker Joinery, you receive affordable and durable doors and windows.

K Parker Joinery manufactures timber windows and timber doors sourced from certified sustainable forests as our commitment to the environment. We also provide energy-efficient glass solutions for your windows and doors.

Yes, we offer an obligation-free quote on any of our wood, aluminium, uPVC, frameless glass, and blockhouse security Shutters products. For a free quote, you can contact Kelly Parker at (011) 786-5471 or 082 555 2153, or email her at kelly@kparkerjoinery.co.za.