K Parker Joinery is a well-known Bloemfontein door manufacturing company. We are a quality company, offering wonderfully carved and constructed hardwood, uPVC, and aluminium doors and windows that will improve your home and lifestyle. Our goal is to lessen our environmental impact as well as yours. As a result, we endeavour to offer you with the appropriate U Value by limiting heat loss during the winter months, as well as the appropriate Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) by reducing the amount of heat transported from the outside to the inside during the summer months.

History Of K Parker Joinery

After spending my formative years gaining the necessary experience in window and door manufacturing, I jumped at the chance to start K Parker Joinery in 1977. My team and I built a successful business providing custom wooden doors, windows, and mouldings, paying close attention to product quality at all times. We’ve expanded our product and service offerings over time. Aluminium, uPVC, security shutters, frameless glass products, and installations are now included.


We take pride in our work and produce solid and glass doors for indoor and external uses in both residential and commercial structures. KPJ guarantees durable, lovely, and long-lasting hardwood and glass doors. Choose from our traditional wooden and glass doors, or have a custom door constructed to your requirements.

K Parker Joinery carries a wide range of doors, including:

  • Wooden Doors 
  • Aluminium Doors 
  • uPVC Doors 
  • Blockhouse Security Shutters 
  • Sunflex Frameless Doors 
  • Double Swing Door
  • Single Swing Door 


K Parker Joinery provides a high-quality, energy-efficient assortment of durable and attractive hardwood and aluminium windows. As a PG SmartGlass Partner, we can supply you with the greatest glaze and frame match possible, providing you with the optimum solution for your windows. K Parker Joinery provides a wide range of services.

There are numerous varieties of wooden and metal windows available, including

  • Wooden Windows
  • Aluminium Windows 
  • uPVC Windows
  • Blockhouse Security Shutters 
  • Steel-to-wood/Aluminium Conversions

Wooden Mouldings

Kelly Parker Mouldings is a South African company that produces high-end hardwood and supawood mouldings. Since 1977, we have been producing high-quality wooden goods and trimmings for homes. All of the mouldings are handcrafted from meranti or supawood. Because we custom build all of our goods, clients can select from a wide range of exotic woods. Whether you order 20m or 200m, we guarantee the finest quality in our products.

We have the following wooden designs on hand:

  • Architraves 
  • Cover Strips 
  • Dado Rails
  • Door Mouldings 
  • Hand Rails 
  • Plinth Blocks 
  • Skirtings 
  • Window Trims

Make K Parker Joinery your first pick when shopping for wooden doors, windows, and mouldings online. Please contact us for a free quote or if you have any questions about our products.


Fiberglass doors are often cited as the most energy-efficient door option. That is mostly because the material is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.  

All K Parker Joinery’s Energy Efficient Fenestration is in accordance with SANS 10400 XA (Energy Usage In Buildings) with testing done by an independent SABS approved laboratory.

For security reasons, exterior doors often swing inward. The hinges on an outside door that swings inward have been installed on the inside of the door jam. As a result, it reduces a burglar’s ability to unhinge the door and allow easier entry into your home.

All Products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship.

If the Buyer has received a Product that turns out to be defective, please notify the Seller in writing immediately as soon as the Buyer becomes aware of the defect.

All Wooden items – 5 years,

 All Ironmongery and hardware items – 1 year

 All Glass items – 10 years

The most energy-efficient types of windows available are casement, awning and picture windows.

All K Parker Joinery’s Energy Efficient Fenestration is in accordance with SANS 10400 XA (Energy Usage In Buildings) with testing done by an independent SABS-approved laboratory.