When it comes to home design and décor, fewer elements are as timeless and versatile as wood.
It’s a material that has the ability to change and evolve with your style preferences, which will inevitable change over time too. The vast amount of finishes that can be achieved with wood mean there is an outcome that suits every design dream.

Lighting in the Home
Lighting in the home is one of the greatest assets for designers and architects. Correct utilization of natural light has the ability to bring presence, character, temperateness and even joy into a specific space. Imagine a home with no windows for natural light? Sounds dull, dreary and downright depressing – as creatures of this planet, we need natural light for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Portals for Magic
If natural light is a kind of magic, then windows are the portals that allow for this magic. That makes them an important part of home design with the ability to transform the ambience and look of your home. If designing a home from scratch, consultation with designers and experienced door and window manufacturers is a necessity for the correct styles, materials and placement to bring out the best in your home.

Wood for Windows
Gone are the days where wooden windows made a house look like it belonged to grandma – new innovations and designs have seen the evolution of the wooden window so that it seamlessly complements modern looks but still adds immeasurable warmth. Wood also has a variety of finishes that help create beautiful contrasts with other elements in your home.

Following the Light
For beautiful results that align with the visions you have for your home and for more information on the benefits of wooden finishes for windows, contact the team at K Parker Joinery or visit their website.