When you see aluminium doors when you walk into an entrance, your first thought is “wow” how nice is this I need this for my own home. Aluminium doors poses a lot of benefits and advantages compared to normal PVC or wooden doors. This material also acts as a high safety feature, due to the compactness of the selected materials.

There are different types of Aluminium doors such as patio sliding doors, palace sliding doors, vista sliding folding doors and hinged entrance doors. These doors have slim frames and are finished off to perfection.

Advantages of using aluminium doors

Aluminium doors are resistant towards different weather conditions. You can paint your aluminium doors with your choice of colour paint to make it unique and suited for you. After years of use after you paint it, it will look as good as new.

Aluminium doors have above average thickness to them. All materials are recycled and are eco-friendly and have a long lasting life span.

This material is light, strong, corrosion resistant and very easy to maintain. This is a very easy material to keep clean as you can just wipe it down, very hygienic. It also produces energy-saving components with high density. Aluminium has an above average thickness.

One of the best advantage is that it is sound proof so you can block off all noises that you would not want to hear.

Features of aluminium

One of the main features is thermal insulation – this insulation is 3mm thick on the inside and outside. It is very good for energy saving.

Security – the aluminium doors has a 3-point latch and a 3mm thick plate that acts if there is an emergency and danger function with 6 keys. This door is 95% burglar proof.

Structural – on this type of door there is a dilation layer that prevents distortion even when there are extreme and dangerous weather conditions. All stainless steel applications are slik and finished off well. There is so many things that you can do to customize your doors like: colours, locks, glazing, handles and lock systems.

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So as you can see aluminium doors have a lot of features and advantages that I wouldn’t know why you wouldn’t go with them for your home. Aluminium is long lasting and can impress you for a few years, you can style your doors to your own choice. Contact one of our consultants at K Parker Joinery or visit our website today for more details.