In Johannesburg aesthetics are important when it comes to designing a home or an office, what is even more important though is ensuring effective, affordable, versatile and lasting security. That is where Blockhouse shutters come in. These specialized shutters provide the best of both worlds – a reliable barrier to prevent your home or office from falling victim to crime, as well as a stylish and modern look and feel. Here is everything that you need to know. 

Durable and Secure

Blockhouse shutters are made of aluminium, which is a material that is guaranteed to stand the test of time and although generally used inside is just at home on the outside. In fact, Blockhouse shutters have up to a 10-year guarantee following installation. They are manufactured mainly with locally sourced materials. While their focus is on providing maximum security and peace of mind, they are also crafted to be endlessly appealing to the eye, boasting a Qualicoat approved powder coating. 

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

When considering your final finishes such as curtains, blinds and security bars, Blockhouse shutters offer a dual usage in terms of both security and light control, customers get to enjoy the cost saving benefits of a two-in-one solution. Peace of mind can be achieved without depleting your bank account, while these local security shutters are known to help preserve and protect the environment. This is thanks to the sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process. Ultimately, these shutters are made to satisfy all the needs that any South African home or business owner may have when it comes to various window solutions that they can trust. 

When security may not be the only reason for considering shutters, Blockhouse has you covered with a Blockhouse Lite shutter which has the same aesthetics as the security shutter with a cost saving. 

Another brand in the stable is the HAMPTON shutter which is a solid engineered timber and is purely for aesthetics at a very affordable price. Internal use only. 


Besides the standard colours of Bronze, Charcoal, Stone Grey, Matt Light Grey and Matt Signal White any other colour on the powder coating chart is available at no extra cost.

K Parker Joinery is an accredited partner and supplier of Blockhouse and Hampton shutters. For more information about the product and to see why this will be a solid investment that will add that extra touch to your home, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.