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SAFIERA Accredited Manufacturer of Energy Efficient Windows.

Recent advances in energy efficient window technology have enabled us to vastly improve our range of products.  The aim of new energy efficient building regulations is to reduce energy consumption. Currently large amounts of energy are being lost through windows because untreated glass is allowing too much heat to be conducted through the glass from inside to outside in winter months and too much heat is transmitted into the house in the summer. This problem has been lessened to some extent by the use of wooden frames because wood is a good insulator. Specified technology has provided a coated glass that can regulate the flow of heat so that heat is reflected away from the fenestration in summer and retained inside in winter. 

This glass is called LowE. We use ENER-G SMART Glass products which include Laminated Single Glazed, InsulVue SIG Double Glazed and SolarVue. All come in ranges with Neutral and different colour tints. All ENER-G SMART glass products are available in KPJ’s wide range of wooden frames in single or double glazing. KPJ Single and Double glazed LowE wooden windows and doors are the ultimate in energy efficiency and are the best choice for performance, comfort and the warm feeling wood gives to the home. When ordering please ask for KPJ energy efficient windows and doors.

All KPJ energy efficient window and door frames are fitted with rubber seals. KPJ is a member of the South African Glass and Glazing Association (SAGGA) and KPJ windows have been tested according to SANS 613 by an independent SABS approved laboratory. The tests include air tightness, resistance to water and structural strength. KPJ is one of the few companies to pass the tests with flying colours. Building legislation requires test results to be certified by the South African Industry Energy Rating Agency (SAFIERA) For our terms and conditions of sale and site and care maintenance see the document section of this website. KPJ offers chunky and stylish wooden windows in standard or CUSTOM-MADE formats. (PREMIER RANGE). Our windows, doors and frames are carefully constructed from solid kiln-dried hardwood, which in long lasting and hard wearing.

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Our factory and showroom is centrally situated in Johannesburg Northern Suburbs in Gauteng South Africa, with easy access off the M1, N1, and N3 highways.

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